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How did we begin and what is our vision?

Leveraging more than a decade of experience in specialist fire protection and construction services, Dedicated Fire Protection’s Dan Wood formed his own company in 2018, continuing to collaborate with trusted fire experts across the sprinkler fitting, plumbing, electrical and carpentry trades of Canberra.

The company vision is simple – To offer the highest levels of customer service and quality in fire protection, at the right prices and the right times for our clients.

Across Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn and surrounds, Dedicated Fire Protection achieves this vision by:

  • Focusing first and foremost on 24/7 customer service in a highly complex industry, including the provision of honest, technical advice that helps clients understand the risk and safety strategies best suited to their needs – relationships are everything.

  • Investing in ongoing training and professional development for themselves and their staff relentlessly – expertise count.

  • Minimising overheads and maximising efficiency through upfront, expert knowledge and solid project planning – resulting in the highest productivity on site at your location and enabling the right prices at the right times.

Our Vision

“To achieve the highest levels of customer service and quality in fire protection, at the right prices and the right times for our clients.”

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Prior to establishing Dedicated Fire Protection, Dan served in the Australian Military for 11 years and worked in construction and fire services management roles across three fire companies in the ACT, including the set up and running of a national company in Canberra and completion of his initial training under another ex-serviceman in a multi-national fire company. Dan also completed post-graduate qualifications in business and now enjoys running his own successful fire company in line with his personal ethics, integrity, service and quality standards.

Dan’s technical and industry knowledge is very high regarding Australian Standard 1851, which governs the inspection and testing of fire protection systems, and Dan knows how to achieve the highest levels of fire service and quality at the right price and time.

Together with Dan’s trusted network of fire specialist tradespeople, technicians and professionals, Dedicated offers our clients specialist business and technical expertise to deliver Canberra’s very own trusted and 100% dedicated fire protection service, entirely locally owned and operated.

They look forward to quoting and partnering with you to look after your fire protection needs seamlessly.


Who are our people and how do they work with us?

Dedicated Fire Protection contracts and employs people we depend on as members of our company family. Relationships, expertise and efficiency are our entire company vision and we recruit, train, develop and retain people to achieve that vision who share in those values with complete loyalty and dedication. In return, we offer attractive salary and conditions packages that include options for company vehicles or allowances, flexible hours and leave options, full on-call and callout rates and most importantly – mutual respect and trust. We do right by our people and their families and they do right by us.

If you want to work with us or know someone who may, and can contribute to our company vision, share our values, have fire expertise or the ability to obtain them with us quickly, and want to commit to ongoing training and professional development as a company family member, please contact us today. Only the very best people in fire will grow with us and we will only grow our company as quickly as we grow our company family to enable it.


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